Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Melody Balthaser: Recovery

Melody Balthaser

I want to share a blog post I wrote two years ago because I know my fellow writers would understand:

I've always been one for self-diagnosis. I plug my symptoms into the search engine and see the myriad of ailments I could have. Well, this time I didn't have to go that far. I knew it instinctively and although I fought it for a long time, it has finally caught up with me. Early signs of eyestrain, upper back and neck aches, insomnia, soreness of the gluteus maximus, stiffness in the joints and the list goes on. All an indication of socialis mediatitis accompanied by a really bad case of bloggosis.

I am in the progressive stage where there seems to be some systemic problems beginning and in need of report. The laundry's piling up as are the dirty dishes in the sink. The corn needs picking and the goat fence needs finishing and yet, here I am writing feverishly at 6 a.m. The house has not burned down. There has been no profuse bleeding that went unnoticed, however my loved ones have been a bit disconcerted by my domestic apathy.

On a positive note, it has been one of the best things to happen to me. I have had some great laughs, read some amazing writing, saw breathtaking photography, gotten super advice, and met talented people from all over the world that I would never have known existed. A bonus to it all has been the ability to keep in close contact with family and friends.

I think I can treat myself without medicine. A holistic approach will probably offset the onset. Lifestyle change is needed. Healthy diet and exercise is a must. This means I need to go back to cooking homemade meals and cleaning the house once again. Also, a dose of reality in the morning will keep me on track throughout the day. Some form of stress management needs to considered. I think I can turn this thing around or at least find some healthy balance in it all!

From this post to present a lot has happened. I’ve gone from homeschooling mom to a being a full time service writer at a large machinery dealership. In the midst of this transition came a publishing contract for my novel, Seeking Sophie.

One thing that hasn’t changed a whole lot is my condition. I still have socialis mediatitis. The bloggosis has subsided although I wish it would return just a bit so I could get a few more posts done. I am still experiencing eyestrain and back issues but the biggest problem is the time hemorrhage.

I’ve read a few books on focus that have helped me prioritize and be more disciplined. I believe what has brought the most healing, however, is surrender. “Here it is, God. I’m giving it to you.” Deep breath, deep breath…relax. I begin to feel His healing touch and time stands still in His presence. Sometimes I break into song, “This is the air I breathe. Your holy Presence, living in me.”

Though I am constantly in process, I am continually reminded what an amazing God we write for. He is worthy of time and He will help us organize it. When we slip up and spend too much time on social media, He lovingly draws us back into Him. Recovery is always at hand.

Do you suffer from socialis mediatitis or bloggosis? If so, what has helped you in your recovery? If you aren’t a sufferer the question is how you did you avoid it? 

About Seeking Sophie:   
In 1858 New England, orphaned, indentured servant Sophie Stalz stabs her master to protect herself from rape. Now she must rely on her brother and his friends to protect her. Escaping through the Underground Railroad, Sophie finds herself stranded on an island in the hands of a stranger.

Surrounded by the sea and occupied with the duties of a lighthouse keeper, Jackson Scott just wants to be left alone with his memories. His fortress is about to crumble when his friend deposits Sophie on his doorstep. An old debt needs to be paid and the cost is dear.

As her master is Seeking Sophie, will Sophie and Jackson find a life together free from their past?

About the author:

MELODY BALTHASER lives in rural Pennsylvania with her husband and their three children. She has traveled to Africa to help orphans in Zambia and worked in children’s and women’s ministry. She enjoys traveling, hiking, camping and canoeing, but when winter settles in she heads indoors to sit in front of the wood stove, while a classic chick-flick plays on the T.V. and homemade soup simmers on the stove. Melody’s passion is to encourage people to let God’s love free them of fear and rejection to live the adventurous life their Creator intended.